WMH SmartFleet

Forklift Fleet Management AL, NC, TN & GA 

WMH SmartFleet Management is your top source for online fleet management solutions for your material handling fleet.Headquartered in beautiful Charlotte, NC, we have locations in North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia – operating internationally serving large clients throughout North America.

Complete Fleet Management

SmartFleetWMH SmartFleet is a complete fleet management system that will simplify the tasks of maintaining your lift truck and mobile material handling fleet. Providing easy 24/7 web based access to your entire material handling fleet, we track and analyze your total fleet costs to provide you with the lowest total cost per hour. Plus, year over year we ‘ll help reduce your overall fleet costs and maximize utilization and productivity – while providing continuous improvement ideas.

WMH SmartFleet consolidates your entire operation, equipment, and labor into one simple snapshot and assure continuous improvement and savings!

Addressing The Top Fleet Challenges

WMH SmartFleet addresses the top challenges most companies are facing today concerning their material handling fleet size, condition, and associated costs. Our overall approach begins to answer the questions below:

  • Too many pieces of equipment?Smartfleet
  • Too many operators?
  • Low equipment utilization?
  • High maintenance and usage costs?
  • Too much downtime?
  • Lost productivity costs?
  • High short-term rental costs?
  • High administrative costs?
  • A general lack of data to make informed decisions about the fleet?
  • Multiple service providers and various brands of equipment?

Want to learn more?

Browse our website for more detailed information about how WMH SmartFleet Management can help manage fleets of forklifts and material handling equipment. Come visit any of our 11 convenient WMH Smartfleet locations North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, or Georgia.  All WMH Smartfleet locations are open Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 5 pm.  Or please give us a call at 888-470-2154 or email us today!

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