Chip Away the Cost Mountain

Evaluating materials handling costs is a bit like looking up at a mountain. You can see the peak – in this case, the price of purchasing equipment – from miles away, but the peak is just a tiny part of the mountain.

Many organizations don’t pay much attention to the middle of the mountain, however, this is where the majority of the action is – repair maintenance, operator and supervisor training and salaries, damage, fuel costs, plus ordering and storing spare parts.

Very few organizations analyze the base cost – even though it is the largest part and supports the rest of the mountain. Here, administrative costs, such as capital appropriation, human resource costs, MIS expenses and purchase order and invoice costs hide, safe in the shadows of the rest of the cost mountain.

WMH SmartFleet chips away at the entire lift truck, forklift and material handling equipment cost mountain by reducing your total cost of ownership. The parts that everyone sees and the parts that nobody even knew were there.

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