Saving Money is Just the Beginning

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION MEETINGS (CSM) ARE THE KEYS TO SUCCESS. WMH SmartFleet representatives schedule monthly and/or quarterly fleet management meetings to review your overall fleet, cost per hour utilization, and cost savings and continuous improvement ideas. This proactive communication insures you are maximizing your fleet investment.

IT’S A LOT MORE THAN FORKLIFTS. Trust WMH SmartFleet to manage your entire mobile industrial equipment fleet. For example: Aerial work platforms, scissor lifts, personnel/burden carriers, industrial sweepers/scrubbers, and all brands of lift trucks. WMH SmartFleet will consolidate your entire operation, equipment, and labor into one simple snapshot and assure continuous improvement and savings.

SAVING MONEY IS JUST THE BEGINNING. The Fleet management Challenge will get you started with cost reductions of 10% or more. But, what about year two? Or three? WMH SmartFleet will continue to improve efficiencies and cost savings year after year.

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