Simple Installation / Easy Training

WMH SmartFleet is completely web-based with no software to load on your computer systems and requires no IT assistance. Training and easy setup will be provided to enter your facility locations, current service providers and forklift, lift truck and material handling equipment.

Data is collected from vendor invoicing, eliminating the need to key data into a secondary asset management system, and all correspondence is tied to emails for ease of communication.

Improve Communication

WMH SmartFleet allows remote users to enter service requests directly into the database and to check their status. Equipment is identified if under warranty or if it has had recent repairs for tracking re-work.

Service provider’s invoices are directly linked to the dispatch events – allowing for “real time” capture of associated parts and service costs for each piece of material handling equipment, lift truck or forklift.

Manage Your Fleet

WMH SmartFleet is a fleet management system that provides automated Operation Maintenance (OM) scheduling – linked to hourly usage – allowing you to minimize unscheduled maintenance.

Reporting easily identifies abuse, cost per hour, high cost units and low-utilized assets.

Comparison across locations can identify problem areas and allows for sharing of process information which leads to lower costs.

Customer Satisfaction Meetings

Customer Satisfaction Meetings (CSM) provide proactive fleet management recommendations on reducing fleet size, lowering costs and continuous improvement ideas.

WMH SmartFleet is your full-service forklift and lift truck fleet company with locations in North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia – give us a call at 888-470-2154 or email us today.