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Material Handling Equipment Services & Forklift & Lift Truck Fleet Management Services

We are a company with locations in North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia providing fleet management systems. We address the challenges of maintaining a lift truck or forklift fleet with our fleet service management system by using cost and equipment analysis to provide a simple solution for forklift fleet maintenance. We provide training on our web-based management and scheduling systems and more material handling equipment fleet services. WMH SmartFleet, based in NC, AL, TN and GA, helps manage fleets of forklifts and lift trucks.

Learn more about the simplicity of using our system to track parts and service costs, electric forklift battery repair and maintenance, warehouse lighting solutions and more! Introduce telemetry to your lift truck fleet to increase efficiency and safety for forklift operators. E-mail us today or call 888-470-2154 for more information.

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