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Providing industrial fleet management online tools and expert consulting services, WMHSmartFleet continues to be a premier resource for businesses seeking to take back control of their fleet and realize substantial savings across all facets of their operation. WMHSmartFleet innovation has shaped the way our clients do business, and we are committed to discovering new opportunities to help our clients achieve flawless execution.

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WMHSmartFleet consultants operate nationally and work with clients in nearly every industry. We strive to find custom solutions that meet and exceed the demands of your operation and your customers. We cultivate our team to become experts in your business and in your market – we are ready to help you tackle your toughest issues in every industrial fleet application. With over 60 years of experience from our WMHSmartFleet staff, we’re sure that we can add value to your organization as we improve your productivity levels and help lower your operating costs. Give us a call at 888-470-2154 or email us.

Meet Our Staff

Deidra Nelson, National Fleet Coordinator

With over 15 years of lift truck service, coordination, and rental management experience, our clients work closely with Deidra on a daily basis during the initial setup of service providers, daily oversight of open service work orders and approvals, and reviewing key cost per hour and productivity reports.

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Donna Duncan, Data Analyst Administrator

Assisting Deidra on a daily basis is:  Donna Duncan, Data Analyst Administrator, who reviews and analyzes parts and service fleet data/reports for cost trends.  In addition, Donna works closely with Tom Dutkosky, Director – Fleet management, in preparing for Customer Satisfaction Meetings (CSM) to make overall fleet recommendations based on cost trends and utilization data.

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Tom Dutkosky, Director – Fleet Management

With over 25 years of sales, parts, and service background in managing customer fleets, Tom is an experienced consultant and brings a unique expertise to helping client’s improve productivity and lower their material handling costs. Tom is directly involved with the initial surveys and recommendations, implementing the YCISmartFleet process, and the ongoing review of customer fleet data and continuous improvement ideas. In addition, he provides monthly and/or quarterly Customer Satisfaction Meetings (CSM) to review key productivity and cost per hour reports and trends with our clients to maximize their fleet investment.

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Scott Moe, Executive Vice President – Sales & Marketing

Scott works closely with the entire YCISmartFleet team and field sales force in the planning, implementation, and successful execution of our web based fleet management program. With over 21 years of lift truck fleet experience on a national level, he brings a wealth of “real world” knowledge to our fleet clients.

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