The Challenge

The average material handling fleet contains 15-20% more equipment than necessary. The reasons vary. Many operations keep back-up equipment to cover older, unreliable forklift or lift truck units in an effort to avoid unscheduled downtime. Others maintain a standby fleet to meet seasonal demand. Few encourage or allow for interdepartmental resource sharing. And many operations fail to “commonize” equipment specifications that would allow trucks to perform multiple tasks.

Rightsizing Your Fleet

WMH SmartFleet begins the rightsizing and fleet management process by performing a detailed fleet analysis. Each lift truck and forklift unit is analyzed to ensure it is fully utilized and has the correct specifications to get the job done, as changing applications often occur. This ensures that each truck is fully utilized and its use maximized within its specification. Then, we break down your fleet into segments:

  • Core Fleet – Fully utilized equipment dedicated to the defined tasks
  • Flex Fleet – Underutilized equipment that can potentially be moved from department to department to supplement needs
  • Standby Fleet – Equipment rotated into use during scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repair
  • Short Term Rental Fleet – Equipment brought in to meet seasonal or temporary demand

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