A True Web Based System

WMH SMARTFLEET is a true web-based fleet maintenance management system. It offers “real time” up to date tracking of your forklift, lift truck or material handling equipment fleet. This password protected secure site offers the following features:

  • Call Entry – Customers logon to the web portal and easily place service dispatch requests 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. Requests are logged at our national dispatch center for immediate response and notification to your local service provider.

  • Vendor Invoice Entry – The vendor submits invoices directly online in response to your service request. No confusing invoicing. Data collection by unit is all performed by your service vendor.

  • Dispute Resolution – Unique online ability to dispute billing and to quickly resolve any vendor issues.

  • Vendor Scoring – Score vendor performance by measuring response time, total cost, interactive satisfaction surveys, and parts pricing variance across multiple locations.

  • Operational Maintenance (OM) Scheduling – Customers can quickly view all material handling equipment, forklifts or lift trucks which has been scheduled for OM’s and view all past operational maintenance performed.

  • Equipment Inventory Listing – Displays equipment in customer’s fleet by department and/or location. Shows type of equipment, model, serial number, capacity, whether equipment is leased, owned or rented, and date put into operation. Equipment photos can easily be uploaded to each record.

  • Equipment Utilization and Cost of Ownership – Displays equipment in customer’s fleet by department and/or location showing both utilization against a set of standard for that type of equipment, along with a summary of all cost per hour associated with that equipment’s operation.

  • Expense Detail Report – This online report displays detailed information about the customer’s account along with an online ability to retrieve invoicing and billing detail by date, asset, or category.

  • Use Existing Service Providers – All your current service providers (no matter which brand they represent) can easily be set up and trained to use the WMH SmartFleet management system.

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